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spider plant

400.00 120.00


spider plant

400.00 120.00

Benefits of Chlorophytum/Spider Plants: One of the easiest indoor plants to maintain, the Spider Plant produces oxygen whilst purifying the air in your home and office by absorbing carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and xylene.

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With this product, you will get
  • single spider plant.
  • Single black plastic pot.
Health Benefits:

Spider Plant absorbs harmful pollutants (Ozone, Toluene, Xylene and Formaldehyde, and Hydrocarbon) from indoor air and provides fresh air.


 plants do not appreciate direct, hot sunlight, which can burn their leaves, causing brown tips and spots.


During initial growth, water occasionally; once fully developed (within one year), water moderately.


 Grow in a soil-based, well-draining potting mix. Spider plants like even moisture; they don’t like to be too dry or too wet.


Fertilize up to twice a month in the spring and summer, however, avoid overfertilization.


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